Ohio State costs Draymond $100 for losing bets to former Buckeye Turner

Big Ten rivalries tend to last for decades and one of them is costing Draymond Green money.

The All-Star forward of the Golden State Warriors, who attended Michigan State University, was in the middle of a postgame press conference with reporters after he and his teammates fell at Portland on Tuesday night, 123-117, Green was interrupted.

Portland’s Evan Turner stopped Green in mid-sentence. Turner, an Ohio State University product, approached Green to collect winnings from two bets — his Buckeyes beating Green’s Spartans in both football and basketball.

Apparently, the two have a running wager whenever their respective alma maters square off and Green hadn’t coughed up the cash for losing both bets.

“You probably owe me double,” Turner said. To which Green responded, “I got you right now. I owe you for football, too huh?”

Green then reached for his wallet and pulled out a $100 bill and handed it to Turner and the two shared a man hug.

“Thank you, my good man,” Turner said, tapping his heart with his right fist. “Always a pleasure. Big Ten for life. You keep it classy.”

Green played four seasons at Michigan State before being drafted in the second round in 2012 by the Warriors.

Turner played three years for Ohio State before the Philadelphia 76ers selected with with the second overall pick in the 2010 draft.