Podcast: Amico talks Amico Hoops, Cavaliers draft and more

Dylan Windler, Darius Garland coach John Beilein are just three of the Cavaliers' new faces.

I joined Chase Smith and Jeremy Powell to talk about the state and future of Amico Hoops, my soon-to-be-released book, Darius Garland and the Cavaliers’ draft, and other hoops-related topics on the latest Cavs On The Break NBA Podcast.

Give a listen in the player below and leave your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of this post. I’ll respond!

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  1. Im actually really happy with all three draft picks, particularly like the picks of Windler and Porter Jr. Im 50/ 50 on trading KL. Half of me wants to keep him for what he can be when healthy, the other half of me wants to dump his contract ASAP. The one trade Id like to see the Cavs to make is TT for Clint Capela if Houston have made everyone available as reported. Probably unlikely, but Id like to see it. Hear anything else on possible Cavs trades Sam?

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