Poll: Will Lakers make the playoffs?

LeBron James and the Lakers are in the fight of their lives just to get to the playoffs.

Nothing good happens without LeBron James for the Los Angeles Lakers — much like the Cleveland Cavaliers before them.

On Sunday, the Lakers fell to 3-7 without James, dropping an embarrassing 101-95 home decision to those very Cavs. Those Cavs, by the way, had been riding a 12-game win streak. Those Cavs, by the way, built a 15-point lead in the first quarter.

Minus LeBron, the Lakers are young and hungry, but don’t exactly move the ball real well. In fact, the Cavs were giving up easy bucket after easy bucket off the pass during their losing streak. They had giving up an average of 140 points a game in the first three games of this six-game road trip.

The Lakers, though, didn’t make that extra pass — especially early in the game.

Either way, they are now 23-21, tied with the Utah Jazz for the eighth and final playoff spot in the rigged Western Conference.

Granted, James is expected back at some point (though no one is quite sure when). The Lakers have also been without veteran point guard Rajon Rondo, another veteran facilitator.

But the Jazz are no slouches. They’ve underachieved a little bit after advancing to the second round of the playoffs last season. They seem to be coming around lately, though — and LeBron or not, it appears the Lakers are in for a real battle to just get to the postseason.

If they get there, of course, they could learn what the Cavaliers and Miami Heat already know. And that is, with LeBron, all things are possible.

So what do you think? Will the Lakers make the playoffs? If so, how far can this (as of now, one-man) team go?

Vote in the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

How far will the Lakers go?

Miss the playoffs.
Lose in first round.
Lose in second round.
Lose in West finals.
Lose in Finals.
Champions. Book it.
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