Report: IT’s defensive rating worst in a quarter-century

The defensive rating of Isaiah Thomas of the Cavaliers is the worst in the NBA in the last 25 years, according to a report.

Isaiah Thomas has made two NBA All-Star Game appearances because of his dynamic game on the offensive end of the floor.

As he works toward becoming 100 percent healthy again after a seven-month absence while rehabilitating a torn labrum in his right hip, defense has never been the calling card of the 5-foot-9 Thomas.

However, his struggles this season on that end of the floor have not been stellar. In fact, according to StatMuse, it’s been bad… historically bad.

According to Jason Lloyd of The Athletic, the Cavaliers’ defensive rating with Thomas on the court during the loss at Detroit on Tuesday night was 125.3, the worst number of the night. The Cavs’ defensive rating with Thomas off the court was 92.3.

Lloyd also pointed out it wasn’t any better offensively, for the guy who led the Eastern Conference in scoring last season at 28.9 points per game. The Cavaliers’ offensive rating with Thomas on the court against the Pistons was 97.9. Without him, it was 127.2.

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  1. Cherry picking stats on a guy who is coming off a long layoff, a hip injury and trying to get his legs back doesnt seem quite fair.

    How many games back now? Roughly 10? I see we imposed the 25+ min contraint but not a 25+ game constraint. Its called sample size, Lloyd. Get a clue.

    The hate is strong. 4 out of 5 Cavs beat writers have no integrity with their coverage this year. I dont even click on them anymore. Thank goodness for Amicohoops.

    • Well, I appreciate you following along! Hopefully the Cavs get it together and it will make it easier to be sensible — because right now I’m really starting to wonder. But you’re right, still plenty of time. Thanks again! – Sam

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