Report: Wolves remain intent on moving Rubio

Wolves point guard Ricky Rubio remains on the trade block.

Despite finishing the second half of this past season strong, where he averaged 10.5 points and 16.0 assists, Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio remains on the trade block.

According to a report by ESPN, the Wolves continue to shop Rubio in the hopes of adding more perimeter shooting to the roster.

Rubio averaged 11.1 points and 9.1 assists per game in his first year under Tom Thibodeau, but the Spaniard continues to struggle with his jumper, as he only shot 40.2 percent from the field in 2016-17.

Thibodeau’s offense is built for the point guard to succeed. Opposing defenses can easily game plan for Minnesota and its heavy pick-and-roll sets because Rubio is not a threat to score the ball.

When you force him to be a playmaker with an intent to score instead of pass, Rubio struggles because he has trouble creating high quality shots, especially when the game slows down in the half-court.

The Wolves reportedly are interested in signing either Derrick Rose, Kyle Lowry or Jrue Holiday this summer in free agency.

The Knicks and Wolves could pull off a sign-and-trade involving Rose and Rubio, as New York remains interested in trading for Rubio while Thibs would get his downhill scorer in Rose.




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