Review: Overlyzer’s new app offers ‘Betting 2.0’

Review: Overlyzer’s new app offers ‘Betting 2.0’

The betting industry is monstruous in terms of moving money: Darren Small claims the values that fluctuate within a year in sport bets alone are between “700 billions and 1 trillion” dollars a year. In terms of players and roughly speaking, we can say there are at the very least 100 million sports enthusiasts – football fans mostly –  who either like to spice their game up by putting some money on the line, or make a buck out of their capacity to interpret the game.

Make no mistake, though: the house always win, and all help is needed. Specially if the help comes in the form of a powerful app for those doing in-play bets on football games, namely Overlyzer. That is because the amount of data that is presented to the better creates the conditions to overcome the odds and understand some specific details that the bare eye simply cannot distill into useful information.

So, what exactly is Overlyzer?

Overlyzer is a definite aid for those who like to bet in-game, in the form of a versatile and intuitive app that analyses the statistics of various games and exposes them in a user-friendly way. But how exactly does it help, and what is the data presented?

The Range

Let’s say you are into multiple bets, in hitherto, a string of results that are necessary for you to make a lot of money from a relatively small bet. Overlyzer offers an immense amount of data for a LOT of games simultaneously: it is more dependent on how many games are currently being played than the app capacity. It can offer statistics for far more than 200 games at one specific moment, in-play and totally live.

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In-game Stats and Graphs

In-game stats and especially graphs, such as the pressure done by the teams, possession, number of attacks, shots on goal, shots failed, pressure, are all data that is provided as the game goes on. This allows you to make a more informed bet on, for instance, who stands the best chances of scoring the next goal, or that none of the teams is going to score.

The pressure index is an absolute treat and, to those familiarized with the concept of “money ball”, probably one the best pieces of data you can get your hands on. The reason is that it demonstrates the level of intensity that both teams are inputting unto the game, which in turn offer you some valid information, for instance, if the game is 1-1 and both teams have a low-pressure index, it is likely that the score is pleasant for both, and there probably won’t be any more goals.

On the contrary, if the pressure index of another team, that is already winning 2-0, is high, and their possession matches the high pressure, it is likely that they will score the next goal, or at least more likely to score the next goal than the other team.

Whether you are a string bettor or a sole betting individual, it doesn’t really matter, because this amount of information will surely give you the upper hand, and enhance your chances to confidently make a bet. With the filter functions that come with the software you can tighten your choice of games to only see those matches that fit into your betting behaviour.

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Pre-game “over/under”

Most of betters are familiar with the “over/under” bet but, to put things plainly, it is the bet you make pre-game that’s about how many goals will be scored. For instance, “over two goals”, “under 1 goal”, you get the gist of it.

Overlyzer is also a fundamental tool when it comes to this specific type of bet. Equipped with a powerful algorithm that analyses the data from more than 800 leagues and competitions, Overlyzer provides the probable outcome on a variety of games, aiding you and providing yet more data to make you as informed of a bet as you can.

How to get it?

You just need to visit the website and get registered to take advantage of all the myriad of invaluable statistics and information that will make you bet more efficiently, standing on the shoulder of gigantic amounts of data and new approaches to its analysis.

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