Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni not feeling sorry for Lakers

Rockets star James Harden got a lot of foul calls Thursday - the Lakers were not happy about it

Things were a bit tense Thursday night as the Houston Rockets took care of business, topping the Lakers thanks in part to the huge 50-point night from James Harden.

While Harden’s monster night was impressive, he also was getting the calls, as he went to the free throw line 19 times, hitting 18 of those shots.

It was a number that the Lakers were none too happy about, as they as A TEAM managed to get to the charity stripe just 27 times.

While they were not happy with the call, Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni wasn’t having it, and wasn’t in the mood for crying. The coach gave a rather interesting reply when asked what he thought about the Lakers unhappiness with the calls.

The Rockets, now 13-14 on the season, have what appears to be a growing rivalry with the Lakers, who with Thursday’s setback fell to 17-11 on the season.

D’Antoni’s comments might come across as not exactly sympathetic to the cause, but at the same time, how much fun would a playoff series in April be between the Lakers and Rockets?

For now, it’s one game with a lot of fouls benefiting one player who as last year’s MVP is just going to get the calls. We will see if the situation develops anymore as the two teams meet again on January 19th.

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  1. Harden flops a lot. He throws his head back as a go-to flop move whenever he initiates contact. He does a lot of acting to get those calls.

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