Source: Free agent guard Russell prefers Nets, Lakers

D'Angelo Russell reportedly desires to re-sign with the Nets or to go back to the Lakers.

According to a source close to the situation, D’Angelo Russell wants to sign with Los Angeles Lakers or re-sign with the Brooklyn Nets. Those are the two teams on the top of his wish list. However, the source reiterated that this is a waiting game based on the fact that Kyrie IrvingKevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard essentially have put the NBA into a deadlock.

Russell would genuinely love to return to Los Angeles and play for the Lakers, according to the source. While his love of Brooklyn has already been well documented, the interest in returning to the Lakers is the most fascinating development in terms of his unique free-agency situation. The All-Star guard was shipped out of Los Angeles in what was essentially a salary dump during the summer of 2017. In Brooklyn, he resurrected his promising career leading the team to its first playoff berth in five years and averaging more than 21 points and seven assists per game.

Meanwhile, the Nets are reportedly in the midst of trying to lure Irving and Durant to Brooklyn, which would not allow Russell to re-sign. The same situation is going on with the Lakers, who are reportedly chasing Leonard and other max free-agents.

If the option to re-sign with the Nets or join the Lakers comes off of the table, then Russell will have to look at other teams, like the Timberwolves, who he already has a meeting set up with according to Yahoo! Sports. The source confirmed that there was an interest from the Timberwolves in executing a sign-and-trade of Andrew Wiggins for Russell.

As for some other teams that could need a point guard if his preferred destinations of Brooklyn and Los Angeles fail to come to fruition, the source mentioned the Charlotte Hornets and New York Knicks as possibilities.

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  1. No matter what, the Lakers will be near the Luxury Tax Apron this year. I suspect they will not go over it. This means, at the very least they will have to fill at least 6 spots with ‘veteran minimum’ contracts – 3 stars, 1 Mid-Level, 1 2nd rounder, and up to three free-agent contracts above the minimum (assuming a 14 man squad with a couple of 50% G-league signings).

    We can come to an agreement immediately for the mid-level exception (Curry, Green, T Ross). Then we can also immediately agree to say 4 of the 6 vet min players (leave two spots to vary based on which free-agents we sign).
    We would record the free-agent signing 1st on 6 JUL, followed by the mid-level exception, followed by the vet-minimum contracts. The order is important as it relates to how the salary cap is reached.

    Doing this, we come to agreements quickly, i.e. before Kawhi decides, and get the supporting players we want 30 JUN – not waiting for Kawhi while letting others sign our targets.
    This leaves up to 4 spaces to wait for late signings. This is necessary because we don’t know the free-agent positions we are going to get.
    P.S. DeAngelo Russell may be one of these late signings, because of how the Nets may proceed if they sign Kyrie. Other Restricted Free-Agents are in this position also and there may be some real talent available near 6 JUL.

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