Stephen A: Lakers should trade Kuzma for Suns’ Booker

Third-year forward Kyle Kuzma of the Lakers jhasn't proven to be a great fit on a veteran team.

ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith isn’t much different than some fans of the Los Angeles Lakers — some are wondering if maybe they should use Kyle Kuzma for an upgrade.

Kuzma has his moments, but overall, hasn’t been a great fit alongside a veteran team centered on LeBron James and Anthony Davis. So Smith has an idea, and it’s for the Lakers to try to trade Phoenix Suns shooting star Devin Booker.

Would the Lakers want to make this trade? Would the Suns? Would it work? Watch what Stephen A. has to say in the video below (via ESPN’s First Take) — then leave your own thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

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