Stinar: Air Jordan and his Hornets a good match for Carmelo

Veteran forward Carmelo Anthony and the Hornets might be a match made in hoops heaven.

NBA legend and Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan should make the call.

Carmelo Anthony has been a free agent looming in the background for the past nine months. One of the game’s great scorers, a global ambassador for the NBA and an all-time fan favorite has been left behind.

Maybe some of the blame should be on Anthony, who was not ready to embrace a new role as his skills declined while with the Oklahoma City Thunder. However, the NBA owes this to him: One last chance to go out on his terms. He’s not injured, he has never been in serious trouble with the law and he can still play the game better than at least a quarter of the players in the NBA.

I don’t think there is any place that makes perfect sense for Anthony. That’s the unfortunate part of the situation. He hasn’t been attached to one team after forcing his way out of Denver in 2011. He’s also never won anything at the pro level. Not even close. Therefore, winning is not something that defines his legacy.

The legacy that defines Anthony is his generational scoring ability and calm and collected personality. There is no need for him to join a contender because for most of the last decade he hasn’t been on one.

So why Charlotte?

The Hornets would give Anthony the chance to shine in a way he couldn’t with most teams. They’re BAD. They might not even win 30 games next season. They just lost longtime star Kemba Walker and have no excitement surrounding the franchise.

The franchise that is owned by the world-renowned greatest of all-time has nothing to be excited for. Signing Anthony would give the Hornets something to cheer about, and maybe even more importantly, he can represent the Air Jordan brand.

The Charlotte franchise is the only one in the NBA that wears Air Jordan jerseys instead of Nike jerseys. Anthony is arguably their most famous current athlete — so what better ending would it be for all of the parties involved?

I have no plans to watch more than a handful of Hornets games next season, and that is only because this is my job. Every other NBA fan will be watching ZERO Hornets games next season.

Sign Carmelo and have him wear an electric blue Hornets jersey, and all that changes. Viewership will go up. There will be some excitement to see one last isolation play. Hey, maybe the Hornets even win a few more games.

Will Anthony take shots away from some of their younger players? Absolutely. However, not as many as you would think. I guarantee a player like Miles Bridges would learn a thing or two from having a 10-time All-Star in the locker room. I can also guarantee this would affect Jordan’s bottom line in Charlotte and for the Air Jordan Brand.

A lot of people will question this, because well … it’s Charlotte.

There are flaws with every team, and that’s the reason Anthony hasn’t been signed. I believe this could end up being the best situation for all of the parties involved.

Jordan needs to make the call.