Thompson, Green involved in scuffle at LA club

Cleveland Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson and Golden State Warriors swingman Draymond Green were involved in a scuffle two weeks ago at a LA nightclub, according to multiple reports.

After the Warriors swept the Cavs in the Finals and players from both teams went onto the court to shake hands and exchange pleasantries, Green snubbed Thompson and the cameras caught it.

Thompson and Green were involved in a fight at Golden State during the Finals and the two are clearly not fond of one another.

Green, however, went up to Thompson at the LA nightclub to apologize to the Cavs’ center, but Thompson wasn’t in the mood.

LeBron James and Kevin Durant were also on the scene and the two stars reportedly broke up the fight. James left the club right after the scrummish.


2 Comments on "Thompson, Green involved in scuffle at LA club"

  1. Chris Miller | July 31, 2018 at 4:09 pm |

    Tristan & K-Love > LBJ & Kyrie

    • Not to far there even though most would laugh at the comment. However, for most of the season when TT was healthy and much of the playoffs, he did the most dirty work in the paint. That’s not easy with bodies banging around. Also, KLove’s scoring efficiency was better last year than either LBJ or Kyrie/s.

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