Would men watch soccer or rather play Online Bingo at Bongos?

Would men watch soccer or rather play Online Bingo at Bongos?

Would men watch soccer or rather play online bingo at Bongos? It’s a good question. There is no doubt that many men adore their soccer and that football, perhaps sports in general, plays a big part in their lives, but when compares to online bingo at bongos, there are some similarities and differences that could make one more appealing than the other – also try Dead or Alive at Barbadosbingo.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Both soccer and Bongo’s Bingo are a lot of fun. They both scream excitement, and they both have an element of gameplay too. The difference is that in football, you are only watching, but in this kind of bingo you are playing and joining in with all the other weird and wonderful shenanigans too such as raving, dancing on tables, getting into dance battles, and so much more.

In terms of fun, both are great, but Bongo’s Bingo offers a lot more to get involved with, so if you prefer to be part of the fun rather than just spectating, this is what you should be doing.


There’s no way of getting around it – if you’re watching football live or if you’re playing Bongo’s Bingo online or in a venue, you’re going to have to pay for the privilege. However, in football, apart from the enjoyment factor, you won’t actually be getting anything back. In bingo, there is always the chance that you will win something, and actually make a profit on your initial payment.

The difference is if you are watching football on the TV. In this case, assuming the match is free to view and you don’t have to pay for the channel you’re watching, then you can save money… but you won’t win any either, and where is the fun in that?

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Date Night?

When deciding where to take someone for a date, those who love soccer might consider going to a game, or watching it together on TV. However, if the other person is not into football very much, this could be a deal breaker – a second date might not be on the cards.

A fun date night out at Bongo’s Bingo (or indoors because it can be live streamed) is a much different prospect. Who could fail to have fun playing this kind of bingo? It involves so much more than the game itself (which of course is a lot of fun anyway); there are games to play and great 90’s tunes to listen to, and dancing too – which is pretty much mandatory. It has something for everyone whereas soccer is only for football fans.

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