11 straight losses for the third time in a year and defenses like that

11 straight losses for the third time in a year and defenses like that

The 2-12 record makes the Pistons the worst team in the NBA this season. Those from Detroit are piling on 11 consecutive defeatsa disastrous streak they have already suffered Three times in the last calendar year: Between February 12 and March 12, between March 15 and April 6, and now between October 31 and November 19. There is still time to make the current situation worse or to build a new one.

Stanley Omodi touches his head during a Pistons game.

Some reasons that may explain this path are A defense on the borders of passatism. For example, the action that Cavaliers’ Evan Mobley completed the easiest rebound of the campaign While one of his opponents rushed to defend while the other four lost the ball and did not even look at him. So, he went straight to the rim without any opposition and scored.

In the last meeting, The Pistons got 142 points from the Raptors. This is the highest result the team has received this season. Those from Toronto took advantage of the facilities for distribution 44 assists and set a new franchise record.

Low level of competition

“I think some of our guys deal with how tough the NBA is. When you face this, The only thing you can control is your level of proficiency. “I didn’t see that across the board tonight.”lamented the coach Monty Williams. Kid CunninghamThe team’s star claimed to be so “unacceptable” The coach had to question the team’s level of competition amid a long losing streak: “That should be the last thing we should ask ourselves or talk about how hard the competition is. It should be a given.”.

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