116 people have died in the earthquake in northwest China

116 people have died in the earthquake in northwest China
According to Xinhua, nine people were killed and 124 injured in Haidong city in neighboring Qinghai province (Xinhua).

At the very least 116 people died Because a Earthquake Buildings collapsed in the northwest ChinaState media reported on Tuesday Rescue teams They rushed to start digging through the ruins Ice conditions.

At the very least 105 people died And almost 400 was made Injuries in the province KansuAccording to local officials, the strong, shallow tremor occurred around midnight.

According to the state channel The hiddenOthers 11 people died and 100 were injured In the city HaidongIn a neighboring province Kingai.

There was an earthquake in the district GishitionIn Gansu, about 5 kilometers from the Qinghai provincial border, houses collapsed and caused other significant damage, sending people running into the streets for safety, the news agency said.

The media showed images of rescue teams working on collapsed buildings

He United States Geological Survey Predicts earthquake magnitude 5.9.

State chain The hidden Power lines are reported to be damaged Water And ElectricityIn transport and communication infrastructure.

The earthquake was felt in Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu Province 1,450 kilometers southwest of the capital Beijing.

Earthquakes are common in the mountains of western China (REUTERS)

College students in Lanzhou walked out of their dormitories, according to a social media post, which featured pictures of young people standing outside.

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Tents, folding beds and quilts are being sent to the disaster zone, he said The hidden.

The quake struck in Zhishan County, Gansu, about 5 kilometers from the border with Qinghai Province (REUTERS)

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, called for all possible search and rescue efforts to minimize the number of victims. According to the China Meteorological Administration, Minimum nighttime temperatures in the region ranged from -15 to 9 degrees Celsius (5 to 16 degrees Fahrenheit).

Earthquakes are common in the mountainous region of western China that forms the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau.

The earthquake occurred in Gansu, Jishishan County, 5 kilometers from the border of Qinghai Province.

In September last year, a 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck southwest China’s Sichuan province, killing at least 74 people as landslides and collapsed buildings in Chengdu, the provincial capital of 21 million people.

Earthquake Deadly In recent decades China had a magnitude 7.9 in 2008, which killed nearly 90,000 people in Sichuan. The earthquake destroyed towns, schools and rural communities Outside of Chengdu, a years-long reconstruction effort led to stronger materials.

(With information from AP, EFE and AFP)

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