14-year-old Chinese diver who won gold in Tokyo refuses to help

14-year-old Chinese diver who won gold in Tokyo refuses to help

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with rarely 14 years ancient chinese diver Quan Hongchan become a feeling Olympic Games From Tokyo 2020 It generates great international fame. the euro which he obtained after his performance in 10m platform With my mom who got excellent grades, they shared her story and how the need to generate income for her home led her to the top High intensity sport.

Upon returning to his hometown, he received offers from many different companies, including one house, cash NS His mother’s medical treatmentBut everything was rejected.

Then the suggestions came mandarin He expressed his desire to earn money to be able to deal with his mother’s illness and also visit an amusement park he did not know, and they published local media.

Performances immediately began to reach the athlete, who received several dozen out of 10 during her Olympic performance. hospital in your town, Zhanjiang, in the province of GuandongHe announced that he would provide full medical services to his mother and grandfather.

While other companies offered him a house Amusement parks and zoos NS Tourist centers They announced that they would offer free lifetime passes to her and her family. A local businessman suggested giving 200,000 yuan in cash (about $40,000) to a father Quan Hongchan. However, the family refused the gifts.

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On the other hand, Internet lovers and celebrities traveled to Zhanjiang, which caused traffic complications. According to locals, many broadcast live on the web, even at night or in the rain.

In response, the athlete’s father asked them to stay at home: “You can send your regards. There is no need to come here. They are disturbing their lives and ours too, right?”

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