39 years of “sun”! Louis Miguel celebrates his career

39 years of “sun”!  Louis Miguel celebrates his career

Call “The sun of Mexico“Today he is celebrating his 39th year, however, the scenes of him shining before the epidemic were not seen. Today, everyone questions where he is. Louis Miguel.

Undoubtedly one of the most important singers in Mexico Louis MiguelThe so-called “Soul de Mexico”, “Mickey” or “Luismi”, who performed a song at the wedding of the daughter of the then President of Mexico, simply passed away when he was 11 years old. Jose Lopez Portillo.

Native Puerto Rico The son of singer-songwriter Louis Ray and Italian Marcela Pasteur, he began his career about this genre, which made the audience more approachable than his age, carefully selecting the stage where he was pop and ballads, which produced him to the best of his ability.

Although sung only in Spanish, his great success established him as the best-selling Latin artist of the 1990s, selling more than 100 million records worldwide. He explains themes in Italian, as well as Poleros, Mariachis, Tangos, and Jazz.

Today, despite the lack of celebration, his fans will remember his first steps in music, and will do so through social networking, videos and radio specials.

Poliro, an important part of his fame.

His life took a total turn when he entered the world of Poliro, created by the hand of the famous composer Armando Mansanero, who was undoubtedly the key to a new direction in the life of the “Soul”, the author of many songs that strengthened the life of the translator, the symbol of ballads.We are a couple“And many others, the best in music.

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Luis Miguel Galego Pastori, a native of Puerto Rico who adopted Mexico as his own, has a low profile while producing the second publication of his acclaimed biology, and hopes that this story will reveal many of his millions of secrets surrounding his life.

From 2020 onwards, rumors about the artist’s three seasons began to sound very strong, coming from the hands of Netflix and the star telling most of Louis Miguel’s life, as well as many mysteries. Music Balance for many years.

All the controversy surrounding the series, and everything around it, sparked renewed interest, even arousing the interest of some in an apartment it occupied in the Diamond area of ​​Acapulco.

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The abandoned mansion of “Soul” is a memory of those years, when its success and fame focused on the highest spheres of the artistic environment in Mexico, while “Luismi” spent many hours entertaining friends or couples, the resting place.

The first years of his career

Louis Miguel recorded his debut album 1 + 1 = 2 Lovers in 1982, when he was a teenager.

He was then followed by “Directo al-Corazon”, and this was precisely the success he began to gain since the translator became the sensation of the moment.

By 1984, he had already achieved success with the album “Word of Honor”, which was the success of Juan Carlos Calderon, who was in charge of production.

In 1985, the so-called “Soul de Mexico” won her first Grammy Thanksgiving for a duet with Sheena Easton for the song “Me Costas tal Como Eras”, which was the only performance together at the Festival Vina del Mar (Chile), and she “Silver” The year that Antorca “won, the duet won the same recognition in 1986.

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The second prize was won by participating in the San Remo Song Festival (Italy) and launching the song “Noi Roccassi de Ogi” (Today’s Boys), which included three more songs from the first years of his career. “Your Mind”, “Word of Honor” and “Girl in Blue Bikini”.

His life after the epidemic?

If there’s one thing that characterizes the life of the so-called “Soul de Mexico” it always stands against what other figures in the middle do, is that Louis Miguel did not feed his fans by reviewing his personal life on Instagram, ”says one of his best fans.

Lucy Gomez Sanchez, president of the “Complex of Louis Miguel” fan club in Peru, looks at what others of humanity have not done.

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One detail to begin with, he always took great care to keep his life very personal, during the years he was active in the media, his main focus was his recordings and live shows after the epidemic that stopped these activities, the singer looking for other ways to provide that income.

Sanchez explains that anything other than being forced to do what he does not realize is like selling himself on social media.

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