4 aspects of a Joel Embiid game that the 76ers will miss

4 aspects of a Joel Embiid game that the 76ers will miss

The Philadelphia 76ers They are in trouble after beating the first-round streak of the play-off NBA Against the Toronto Raptors, they will have to deal with an absence Joel EmbiidWho suffered a facial injury and will be discharged indefinitely.

Here are 4 things Embiid’s Sixers will miss.

For several seasons now, Embiid has proven that he is not only one of the best offensive positions in the NBA, but also a character who demands respect in the paint. Neither Paul Reed nor Deandre Jordan will be able to replace the impact the Cameroonian has had under the basket.

A detail that should not be neglected is that the heat It’s a big plus not to have to guard Embiid. This will shut down a lot of avenues of attack for the 76ers, who won’t have as much brand pull as their star center usually does. The 76ers’ chart will completely change overnight.

For any team in the NBA, losing the top scorer in the league is a delicate loss, and in the case of the 76er, Embiid comes out averaging 30.6 points per game in the regular season. This means that they will have to provide about 28% of their offensive production due to the absence of the Cameroonian.

Embiid’s impact on the 76ers is not only based on his ability to score, but he is also the best in rebellion, blocker, and one of the best ball stealers on the roster. For Doc Rivers, it means the loss of his great captain.

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