5 investment tips from billionaire Charlie Munger

5 investment tips from billionaire Charlie Munger

Charlie Munger He is a partner Warren Buffett In Berkshire Hathaway, and he also has a great investment vision. We give you some tips for achieving them For investment Like the greats.

Some people are born to be investors

Munger He indicates that despite the investment Learn With courses or books (and you should also consume and study that content), that’s not enough. There are skills that cannot be learned, because Good investments involve a strange mixture of patience and an aggressive moodIn addition to awareness of what is known and what is not known.

Investing also includes educating yourself, but there are skills that have not been learned || Source: Pixabay


Munger says it’s essential Controlling When Things get worsePartners do not agree with us, and customers suspect that our investments are not going well. it is necessary Attached Our Logic By investing rather than being dragged by fear and a sudden change of strategy.


Do nothing when nothing is worth doing. Investors believe that if they are smart enough and work hard, there will always be something to do. However, too You have to know when to wait For better opportunities coming or for them to grow and have Recovery Investments you’ve already made.

You have to combine patience with aggression || Source: Pixabay


In contrast, Charlie Munger says if she finds one Great idea, You must search Increase the position in your wallet Instead of getting one Small position I assume you have it Hundreds of small and insignificant investments Compared to the whole a bag.

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Awareness of your own competencies

And the You are not sure About some options, the answer is usually Not worth it or not. Confirm the things you know and don’t know instead of trying to answer difficult questions that are not worth answering. It’s important to remember what Buffett says: Do not invest in something you do not understand.

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