A boat with 15 Hondurans on board disappears

A boat with 15 Hondurans on board disappears

Roatan, Honduras.

boat to 15 Honduras on board got lost in Caribbean Sea In the last hours when he left from Roatan (Bay Islands) to Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, mentioned Merchant Navy of Honduras.

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According to the news, the ship Falling Star, and its crew are all from Honduras, Stop sending data before the site 20 hours.

The Honduran authorities then activated the alarms when they stopped receiving information regarding the ship’s location. It has also not been received Wireless communications Attempts to communicate with the crew have been futile ever since.

info from Roatanisolated area مع Honduras, indicates that the missing citizens are: Sergio Green Castro (Captain), Domingo Perry Suazo, Delson Suazo Garcia, Gerardo Martinez Green, Jose Victor Casildo and Dayton Rodriguez Martinez.

They were joined by Gerardo Alvarez Castillo, Jose Castro Alvarez, Edson Castillo Green, Jose Suazo Mejia, Claudio Green Castro, Henry Morales Green, Leonidas Alvarez Martinez, Lander Nunez Areola and Victor Castillo Mauricio.

What’s more: Rescue 12 outcasts near Roatan

authorities Honduras They detailed what they have alerted For fishing boats and coast guards Jamaicans and Americans to open a Search For the boat bearing the flag of Honduras.

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