A failure of “unknown origin” put the António Guetteras Thermal Power Plant out of service

A failure of “unknown origin” put the António Guetteras Thermal Power Plant out of service

A failure of unknown origin put the António Guiteras Thermal Power Plant out of service on MondayFrom Matanzas, which started operation Sunday after several days of maintenance and has begun generating power.

according to a report Cuban state news agency, Experts from various fields, together with factory workers, “study the causes and possible solutions to failures This led to the emergence of the largest and most efficient unitary block in the national electric power system.

Rubén Martinez Campos, Guiteras General Manager, told the report: “Throughout the remainder of Monday, investigations continue to determine exactly what happened a few hours ago,” he added.

“We call for collective thinking to solve this violation in the shortest possible time,” the official said.

The report adds that Thermal power had managed to synchronize with the national electrical system and had already exceeded 115 megawatts of generation capacity when the fault occurred.about which no further details were provided.

Martinez Campos reported that “Specialists from other regions have arrived in Guteras, while another group is still traveling there.”Which indicates that those responsible for the installation have no clue what happened.

The thermal boiler, which has been in operation for more than 30 years, was crippled last Thursday to undergo “a short maintenance,” according to the officials in charge, after they reported “excessive water consumption in the boiler.”

In addition, the official press announced at the time that the regenerative air heaters were washed and the so-called red point and the interior of the boiler were examined, as well as work on more than 20 valves, hydraulic and water tests, and others. repairs.

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The station was out of service for three months, starting in February, when it underwent extensive maintenance. To be ready for this summer. Before starting work in June, it had to shut down its equipment due to a boiler failure and spent more than a week making technical adjustments.

Officials from the state-owned Union Electrica (UNE) confirmed that after continuing to operate during the summer, the period of greatest electricity demand in Cuba, it would undergo another capital maintenance.

The new suspension of Guiteras occurred after the state-owned Union Eléctrica (UNE). will announce On the first day of the week there will be no power outages due to the obstetric deficit.

The authority reported this At 7:00 a.m. Monday, availability was 2,276 MW, against a demand of 2,100 MW.with the entire system service.

In addition to Guiteras, Unit 5 of the Mariel Thermal Power Station and Units 5 and 6 of Nuevetas are not operational due to a malfunction.

For peak hour, UNE estimates to start up the distributed generation drives, which will produce 154 MW of power, and Unit 5 in Nuevetas, with a capacity of 90 MW, as well as restore 48 MW of generation in Mariel Batana; 36 megawatts in Melonis Patana, both leased to the Turkish Karadeniz Holding Company, and 60 megawatts to be produced with fuel oil in Mariel.

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