A kidnapped woman said she was calm and helpful at all times

A kidnapped woman said she was calm and helpful at all times

Ana Esther Ponce Rosa, the woman kidnapped this morning in Humacao, spoke about the event from the police office headquarters on Luisa Street.

As Ponce pointed out, she was helpful at all times from the aforementioned municipality to San Juan, where she was released when she indicated that she would not enter Luis Lorenz Torres’ home with him.

He commented to the press as he left the barracks: ‘It has become kind of empty, the only thing I thought was being quiet and trying to cooperate.’

Ponce noted that he spoke “a lot” with the kidnapper who told him they were looking for him to kill him, which is why he had to get to San Juan.

“He told me we had to go to Llorens and I told him no, to take the bus but to leave me and then he said to me, ‘Stay there, don’t talk to anyone I’m going back,'” he added.

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Because of this situation, the police activated the pink alert a second time, the first time they tried to find the whereabouts of Quechla Rodriguez, who was found lifeless in San Jose Lake. For these facts, boxer Felix Verdigo is referred to as the person responsible at the federal level.

At this time, the uniformed officer has not found the whereabouts of the kidnapper, so he asks for the cooperation of the public if he learns any details about him. They can be contacted at 787-343-2020.


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