A second truck overturned in “La Pared” and fell on top of the overturned truck early in the morning

A second truck overturned in “La Pared” and fell on top of the overturned truck early in the morning

This Friday afternoon, the driver of a truck loaded with “glue” imported from Colombia, when trying to climb “La Pared”, after it “slipped” three times on the sidewalk, was unable to control the heavy load. The loading vehicle fell on top of the other truck, which overturned in the early morning hours, when it was traveling through El Valado on the road between Orena and San Pedro de Río in the state of Tachira.

By Luz Dari Depablos / Lapatilla.com Reporter

“In this section the incline is 15% and it has two ledges with an incline of about 23%,” explained Alberto Moncada, a driver who frequently travels through the area.

Likewise, he reported that in a section of about 200 meters in length in the La Victoria sector, between the municipalities of Pedro María Ureña and Ayacucho, the road was severely affected, so that when the rains start again, it could collapse, because a subsidence of about two meters has already been recorded, as a result of the presence of a lake Neighboring, which will affect the sidewalk due to lack of maintenance.

Moncada stressed that this road is where imported goods are transported to the states of Mérida, Zulia and Trujillo. Moncada said: “In the case of coal, before they passed it in one truck, now the same amount must pass through three trucks, for fear of it overturning, as happened in the past few hours.”

“Others, to avoid this route, changed the route through the El Corozo sector, then towards Rubio, to return to San Cristóbal and thus take the route to Colón,” representing an additional 8 hours and thus an increase in shipping costs. Keeping in mind that this route also has drawbacks.

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Transporters hope that no tragedy will occur, so that the competent authorities can act urgently, before the rainy period begins.

A truck carrying goods imported from Colombia overturned while boarding “La Pared Vieja” in Táchira

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