A soldier collapses during the coronation of Carlos III

A soldier collapses during the coronation of Carlos III

A soldier fainted during business King’s coronation Charles III in it Cardiff CastleBefore the ceremonial royal salute conducted by the 104th Regiment Royal Artillery.

In the pictures you can see how Pvt He falls to the ground suddenly. While his comrades continue their protocol exercises, Two soldiers approach to lift him up and take him to medical attention.

according to daily MailMore soldiers wait to take part in the procession back to Buckingham Palace for King Charles’ coronation They experienced a power outage.

more than 4,000 soldiers The ceremonies took part in the procession, escorting the king and queen to Buckingham Palace on the Gold State coach.

Something similar happened last September, in the middle of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

A royal guard who was near the coffin began to sway, lost his balance, and He fell sprawled on the stone floorDespite his partner’s attempts to support him without leaving his post.

Immediately, other guards came to his aid. The spectators who were queuing to pass by the coffin screamed and became agitated The broadcast of the ceremony was cut off for several minutes While the guard was given first aid.

The video instantly went viral on social media. Discussions arose among users about the reasons for canceling ranger compensation.

Party in the streets of London

Lavish coronation ceremony for Carlos III and his wife Camilla, An event unprecedented in the United Kingdom in 70 years, which began on Saturday in London, was marred before its onset by the arrest of several people who tried to demonstrate.

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The 74-year-old monarch and his 75-year-old wife arrived at Westminster Abbey after a short carriage procession from Buckingham Palace.

Despite the continuous rain, thousands of fans thronged along the road to welcome them.

On their way, the royal couple also passed the yellow banners of the anti-monarchist group “Republic”, which read “Not mine”. A group of these activists were arrested while preparing for the protest.

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