A team of archaeologists found the “Field of Armageddon” mentioned in the Bible

A team of archaeologists found the “Field of Armageddon” mentioned in the Bible

This is what the 6th Armored Corps field looks like on the field of Armageddon
(Source: Emil Al-Ajem/IAA via Pen News)

Israeli national infrastructure company Netivei accidentally discovered the oldest recorded Roman military settlement in the area, in what is known as the “Field of Armageddon,” a site mentioned in the Bible as the center of an end-Apocalypse battle. In their discovery, archaeologists responsible for the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) noted the presence of other objects of daily life, in addition to the insignia of the imperial army.

by: Nation

In Israel, as in many other countries in Asia, Africa and Europe, there is a great deal of history beneath its lands that is slowly being discovered. In this case, the Infrastructure Office planned to improve the nearby road and in the middle of the excavations, traces of Roman civilization dating back 1,800 years came to light.

This field housed the 6th Armored Corps, with 5,000 men ready to take control of one of the most important roads in the Middle East, near the archaeological site of Tel Megiddo, described as one of the oldest human settlements, dating back to 7000 BC.

Two roads passed through that camp between the camps, connecting part of the territory of Israel under Roman command. They were heading north. According to the Bible, the Hill of Megiddo is the place where “the devils will gather the most important kings of the world and fight a final battle, before the wrath of God prevails.”

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