A university professor asks to save books after the closure of a library at the University of Havana

A university professor asks to save books after the closure of a library at the University of Havana

A professor and historian from the University of Havana asked to save the remaining books yet Close the library From the Faculty of Philosophy, History and Sociology.

In a post posted on FacebookAt the end of the department meeting, the closure of the college library was announced, said Reinaldo Manuel Sánchez-Puro, and he urged those who wanted to go into the building and “take the copies they appreciated.”

His denunciation was due to the “lack of reaction” on the part of many of his colleagues due to the fate of many books that are no longer fit for that or in the Central Library and end up reduced to pulp.

Facebook / Reinaldo Manuel Sanchez Puro

“I was told that the Central Library would collapse if it took in more books and that the books we didn’t save now would be delivered to pulp. I saved some of my author’s books and others almost randomly,” he said, adding that that Thursday the library would open so those interested could save the copies they could. Post them to their topics.

Desperate for help, he asked for a favor not to leave the protected books there to their fate, which were in the care of librarians like María Teresa González del Valle or the “Diligent Ramoncito”.

Not only did his text unpleasantly surprise dozens of netizens, professors, and students, but it also received a comment from the current dean of the college, who blamed Sanchez-Puro for mediating the matter.

As justification, Ernel González Mastrapa argued that the professor only wanted to create a “display”, not to save the books.

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In his “defence” he said that “all texts that could be contributed to the Central Library of the University of Havana” and those used for teaching were extracted from the library.

“Nobody told them to go look for books there, and the buildings are closed and only the professors of the faculty have entered. No book has been destroyed or thrown away. In the end, what remains stubborn will go to the raw materials because it is prescribed by law,” the dean wrote.

Amidst the controversy caused by the building’s closure, dozens of people wondered why library It will disappear when it is a major asset to study the subjects taught in college.

One said “Where can students, staff and even teachers themselves send their students to consult any kind of historical information? It’s a shame that this is true because I still don’t believe it.”

Moreover, others expressed their disagreement and pointed to the fact that this fact does not give value to the work of professors devoted to research for years.

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