A woman is accused of strangling and beheading three related men

A woman is accused of strangling and beheading three related men

Juarez city.- The Prosecutor's Office of the Northern District, through the Specialized Investigation Unit for Crimes against Life, obtained the link to the proceedings against Ms. Yesenia F. Headless.

The ministerial investigation established her involvement as a co-author in the crimes of the victims who were identified as: Omar L.

The events took place on the morning of August 31, 2023, inside a house located on Standarte Street in the Barajes del Sol neighborhood of Ciudad Juárez, where the three men were deprived of their lives.

Hours later, the dismembered bodies were found at the intersection of Refugio de la Libertad and Talamás Camandari streets in the Parajes del Sur area.

The Public Prosecutor collected evidence and obtained an arrest warrant, which was completed on December 29, 2023, by agents of the State Investigation Agency within the Seresu Women's Prefecture No. 2.

The legal situation was resolved by the probation judge, who evaluated the incriminating materials presented by this socialite and set a four-month deadline for closing the supplementary investigation.

** According to the applicable laws and regulations, the detainee is considered innocent until her responsibility is proven by a ruling issued by the judicial authority (Article 13 of the National Code of Criminal Procedure).

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