Abenader: A Canadian machine started working last night and the miners are expected to be rescued soon

Abenader: A Canadian machine started working last night and the miners are expected to be rescued soon

One of the machines brought from Canada to rescue the miners Trapped in the Cerro de Maimon mine It is used to cooperate with the workers’ liberation plan.

This was stated by the President of the Republic, Louis Abenader, through his official account on Twitter, where he wrote that Since last night the machine is interfering And that miners are expected to be safely with their families very soon.

“Work continues Rescue the trapped miners In the Cerro de Maimon mine. The drilling rig that arrived from Canada has been running since last night. We are still optimistic That soon Gregory and Carlos will be back in their families. #RDconNuestrasMineros,” the president wrote.

On Sunday, at 9:24 p.m., a plane arrived at Jose Francisco Peña Gómez Las America International Airport. Canadian military aircraft It has brought the country more than 52,000 pounds of machinery, tools and various technologies to cooperate in rescuing two trapped miners since the early hours of Sunday, July 31.

The shipment of this equipment comes in response to a request made by President Louis Abenader to the Canadian federal government, which was announced during his visit last week to the facilities of the Dominican Mining Company (Corimidum), where he went to give a message of encouragement. to me Miners Gregory Alexander Mendes Torres and Carlos Ypez Ospina.

Yesterday, the mining company reported that construction work on a special rescue tunnel is 75% complete, and that They only needed 13.1 meters To get to the mining fair where Carlos Ypez and Gregory Mendes are located.

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