Abenader relaxes the curfew; It starts now at 9:00 PM

Abenader relaxes the curfew;  It starts now at 9:00 PM

From tomorrow until the seventeenth of this month, extended free hours are set for the general population, taking into account the decrease in the number of new Coronavirus infections recorded in the Dominican Republic in recent weeks.

This measure is contained in Article 4 of Decree 21-133 issued last night by President Louis Abenadir, which states that the curfew on weekdays begins at 9:00 pm and ends at 5:00 pm at dawn and on weekends from the clock. 7:00 pm. At night until five in the morning.

“There is a blessing of freedom of movement for an additional three hours every day, with the sole purpose that people can go to their own accommodations. Consequently, there will be free passage Monday through Friday until midnight and on Saturdays and Sundays until 10:00 pm,” he explains The decree is in its fifth article.

In this sense, the president instructed that working hours in the public sector remain until 3:00 in the afternoon and that 40% of public employees unnecessary for state activity will continue to work through the remote work method. .

Government entities providing public transportation services, such as the Transportation Rearrangement Office (OPRET) and the Capital Office for Bus Services (OMSA), have been ordered to offer their services during the hours of allowing freedom of movement.

The new decree gives people the freedom to use open-air spaces, such as parks and boardwalks, for activities that do not involve crowds and in strict compliance with current sanitation protocols.

He adds, “It is planned that places designated for sports and physical exercise, such as gyms, may receive customers in their facilities up to 60% of their total capacity, in strict compliance with current health protocols.”

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Whereas food and beverage consumption places may receive customers in their facilities at up to 60% of their capacity, without exceeding six people per tables, in places they apply to, in accordance with the protocol.

The decree also stipulates that churches may conduct activities three times a week, strictly adhering to protocols, without exceeding 60% of the building’s capacity.

The ruling maintains a ban on large-scale activities and events involving conglomeration of people.

The decree stated that “the tourism sector activity will continue to be regulated by its sectoral protocol.”

It also stipulates that, without prejudice to the foregoing, it is forbidden to organize, promote and implement massive activities, such as parties or other similar activities, in tourist facilities throughout the country.

face mask.
This decree states that the use of masks in public and private places for public use is mandatory, as are other measures and protocols for social distancing that the authorities adopt.

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