Abenader: Those who should fall in the Falcon case will fall.

Abenader: Those who should fall in the Falcon case will fall.

President Luis Abenader has expressed that international engagement is necessary to pacify Haiti, but the Dominican Republic should not.

The President indicated that it is necessary to work to help this country overcome its situation for humanitarian and security reasons, due to the confrontation between its political class and the spread of armed gangs in its lands.

Emphasizing that there is no time to lose to work for the benefit of that nation, the head of state said that the situation is so difficult that even international solidarity becomes difficult to exercise, given the lack of power in that country.

He gave an example of this, that when the earthquake occurred, the Dominican Republic could not send humanitarian aid by land, but by sea, because this region was divided and controlled by armed criminal gangs.

Leaving the mass at the Las Mercedes church in Santo Siro, President Abenader stressed that the state of chaos and lack of authority affects not only our country, but others, as explained by Haitians stranded at the borders of the United States, Mexico and other Central America.

The President noted that we Dominicans will continue to stand in solidarity, but we cannot engage in joint action to help pacify and organize their lands, for various historical, diplomatic and precautionary reasons.

Regarding his proposal to the United Nations to act without losing time to help the Haitians, he expressed that he had received support from Costa Rica and Panama and that other countries on the continent would soon appear in this regard, but there was no response to respect for the government of the neighboring nation.

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“who failed”
In another matter, the president expressed that his government will confront corruption and organized crime no matter who falls, in a battle it will win.

Abenader argued that organized crime had taken root too deep, even with the complicity of previous authorities; But there is already an insistence to confront it decisively, as is happening nowadays.

The President of the Republic indicated that Operation Falcon dealt an unprecedented heavy blow to organized crime, and assured that they would follow this policy.

While the Bishop of La Vega, Monsignor Hector Rafael Rodriguez, during his homily, pointed out that no country develops where corruption and impunity prevail, and therefore it is necessary to support the ongoing policy against these phenomena.

a church

The Bishop of La Vega, Hector Rafael Rodriguez, expressed the need to struggle to preserve the environment and natural resources, and to generate environmental responsibility in the community.

Loma Miranda.
The priest received the bill passing through the Senate presented by the senator of La Vega, Ramon Rogelio Ginao, to declare Loma Miranda a national park.

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