Abinader chairs the graduation of naval officers

Abinader chairs the graduation of naval officers

On Saturday, the President of the Republic, Luis Abenader, led the graduation of 53 new naval officers, in a ceremony held at the headquarters of the Naval Academy, located on Avenida Spain.

The ceremony was attended by Defense Minister Lieutenant-General Carlos Luciano Diaz Morva. Vice Admiral Ramón Gustavo Petans Hernandez, Commander in Chief of the Dominican Navy; Then-Director of the National Police Major General Eduardo Alberto and Vice-Admiral Gabriel Alfonso Perez Garces of the Colombian Navy.

Of the 53 new officers, nine are women and 42 men have a Bachelor of Naval Science, and have been promoted to first lieutenant.

The Minister of Defense handed over the diplomas to the graduates of the 70th batch (LXX) in the category of ladies and gentlemen 2018-2021, which grants them a graduation certificate in marine sciences. On behalf of her colleagues, Rosmarie Jiménez Payano received the privilege of graduating with honor.

global honors

The Head of State, accompanied by the Minister of Defense and Commander of the Navy of the Dominican Republic, presented the Order of Naval Merit with the Medal of Honor to Vice Admiral Gabriel Alfonzo Perez Garces, Commander of the Colombian Navy. .

In the same order, the commander of the Colombian navy presented a gift to the captain of the navy with the largest “concept of duty.”

During the ceremony, Abenader and Argentine Ambassador to the Dominican Republic Nora Elizabeth Cabello presented the “Armada de Argentina” award to honorary graduate Jiménez Baiano.

To the cry of mothers

It was tears of joy that ended the party.

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The mothers of the 53 new lieutenants handed Officer Kibe to their children, with visible faces full of pride.

In the same way, her mother, honorary graduate Jiménez Baiano, gave her ring, which, after putting it on, gave her a great hug and kissed on the forehead, as a symbol of the mother’s selfless love.

Abenader opens the club and promises improvements in the military

Having presided over the graduation of 53 naval lieutenants, President Luis Abenader inaugurated the Naval Recruit Club of the Dominican Navy and expressed his pride in front of the men and women of the military.

“I am proud of the armed forces, the integrity of their work, their dedication, their patriotism, and the ethics of their members,” he said.

As a result of his admiration for the institutions that protect the country, he announced the acquisition of 300 vehicles, including trucks, buses and engines, so that the military forces continue to improve their ability to do their work.

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