Abinader started work on Cabrera and Río San Juan at a cost of R$148 million

Abinader started work on Cabrera and Río San Juan at a cost of R$148 million

The President of the Republic, Luis Abenader, and Minister of Tourism, David Collado, have begun work to improve the Cabrera Pass and the Gri Gri Lagoon, in Rio San Juan, with an investment of NT$148 million.

“Through these two works we take into account the ancient claims of the people of Rio San Juan, Cabrera and more, we give value to the tourist offer of this beautiful region,” Collado said.

Work on the renovated Malecón de Cabrera, which entails an investment of more than 83 million RD pesos, will consist of four main plazas that include pedestrian walkways, landscaping, children’s play area, viewpoint, outdoor exercise space and a universal access ramp.

In a total intervention area of ​​7,350 m2, the Plazas de Pescadores, Central, Plaza de la Colina and Plaza del Faro will be constructed, whose works include 2,170 m2 of berths and 1,367 linear meters of containment.

Meanwhile, the Gri Gri Lagoon improvement project in the municipality of Rio San Juan, which includes an investment of more than 64 million pesos RD, will be a space characterized by different levels of terraces bordering the lagoon, serving time, as a viewpoint of the beauty of the environment, in an area of ​​approx. 3000 meters. two.

It consists of the main Plaza de Terrazas of three interlocking plazas that will be built of concrete and will include fixed benches, bathroom and shower area; Universal access ramp. The project also includes the Embarcadero Square and the Tortugas area.

Both projects are responsible for the Executive Committee for Infrastructure in Tourist Areas (Situr) and the Department of Planning and Projects (DPP) of the Ministry of Tourism (Metor).

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