Abinader withdrew 350 police, including 62 colonels

Abinader withdrew 350 police, including 62 colonels

Last night, the executive authority referred 350 officers from the National Police to retirement at the request of the Supreme Police Council because of their age and seniority in service.

The retreats include 62 colonels, the same number of lieutenants, 51 with the rank of major, 79 captains, 72 with the rank of first lieutenant, and 18 second lieutenants.

Among the retired Colonel O’Neill Abreu Tabar, Francisco Aquino Eugenio, Guillermo Baez Opera, Pedro José Castro Castillo, Marcelo Castro Olua and Pablo Cordero.

Colonel Carlos Antonio Cruz Guzmán, Juan Feliz Novas, Manuel Fernández Taveras, Felix Franklin Figueroa, Leonardo García Alvarez, Felix Gómez Geraldino and Ramón Gonzalez were also removed.

Among others, Colonel Ramon Hernandez, Jose Arismendi Lepers, Jose Ramon Martínez Polanco, Candido Matteo Uribe, Teodoro Miguel Matos Diaz, Francisco Morubel Villaman, Fernando Ugando de Oleo and Victor Manuel have retired due to seniority in service and age Pimentel. De la Cruz.

Benvenido Viola, Elido Alfredo Rodriguez Garcia, Julio Justino Rodriguez, Miguel Sanchez Corneille, Nelson Jovanni Sanchez, Manuel Santamaría Fondair, Ricardo Sharpay Vásquez, Victoriano Tejido Baez and Domingo Varquezo have also retired.

Juan Antonio Bello Almonte, Aquilino Jimenez Gómez, Emilio de Jess Picardo, Roquerme Soriano Garcia, Rosalio Abad Incarnación, Diogenes Alcantara Oviedo, Ramón Chrysostomo, Saturnino de Leon de la Cruz and Ernesto Feliz Elk have also retired.

While retired Lieutenant Colonel Juan Francisco Acevedo, Dionicio Aguzero, Carlos Arcelio Aquino, Angel Salvador Matteo and Lucas Carrilla.

Withdrawals take place when large sections of the population demand a deep reform and purification of the National Police, as a result of the fatal shooting of a Christian couple, whom agents have mixed with criminals.

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During a press conference at the National Palace last Wednesday, President Louis Abenader warned that he will not tolerate anyone above the law and ensure that he has an inalienable commitment to a comprehensive police reform that stops events like the crime of the shepherds.

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