Aceline Derbez shows why she’s the queen of Instagram

Aceline Derbez shows why she’s the queen of Instagram

Aceline Derbez She is a very active user on social networks. The other day he shared a beautiful story from his childhood with a powerful message. “When I was 12, my father took us for a ride and I fell off the horse, left my feet in stirrups and an enemy pulled me several metres, I was seriously injured, I was in shock and lost the memory of an event. Since then, I have been afraid of horses and came back a few times In my life (as long as it has been very slow.) Since Kai was one year old, we have noticed his immense passion for horses (being something new and unknown to Mao and I) and since then we have often tried to take her to see and ride them,” the aged Mexican actress began 35 years old with her message.

“A week ago, Kai started more formal classes and decided to start taking them with her, because I didn’t want my daughter, who is passionate about horses, to have a mother who is afraid to ride. I feel so happy and proud to see these videos and realize that it is never too late to overcome fear and learn something new “. Islin With her beautiful story that accompanied a photo and video of her and her daughter Kilani riding horses.

in the last hours, Aceline Derbez Share a picture on his official account Instagram Which dazzled a large part of his millions of followers from all over the world. In him, you can see the heroine of “On a Journey with the Derby” displaying all her beauty or looks with her loose hair, golden accessories and delicate makeup.

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