Actor Nate Beatty has passed away

Actor Nate Beatty has passed away

Nate Beatty, the immortal character actor, introduced him to a long, prosperous and successful career as a major vacationer who was raped by a Woodsman in 1972’s “Deliverance”. He is 83 years old.

Beatty’s manager Deborah Miller said Beatty, who was surrounded by friends and loved ones at her Los Angeles home on Sunday, died of natural causes.

After many years in the regional theater, Beatty played Bobby Tripp in “Freedom,” a carefree member of a group of men on river boats frightened by thugs out of the woods. The brutally visualized scene in the tripe turned out to be memorable in the film, establishing Beatty as an actor whose name the audience may not have known, but whose face they always recognized.

“For people like me, a lot of ‘I know you! I know you! What did I see you?’ Beatty mentioned angrily in 1992.

Beatty received only one Oscar nomination as a supporting actor for his role as corporate executive Arthur Jensen in the 1976 “Network”, but he contributed and worked consistently on some of the most popular films of his time, with more than 150 films in his credits. . And TV shows.

Beatty’s look on the “Network” written by Nell Siofsky and directed by Sidney Lumet is brief but titanic. His three-minute monologue is one of the finest in cinema. Jensen invites host Howard Peale (Peter Pinch) to a long, dim light board room to talk to Jesus about the basic forces of the media.

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