Adelitas de Chihuahua makes his debut with victory in professional basketball – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

Adelitas de Chihuahua makes his debut with victory in professional basketball – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

The 2022 regular season of the Liga SísNova LNBP Femenil has begun, and Adelitas de Chihuahua made their debut in their first season. Yesterday, they set a real example sending everyone the message that they will be champions and title contenders, by defeating Fuerza Regia on their own court 86-76.

The start of the season has gathered around 3,500 fans in Nuevo Leon, where Adelitas and Regias will meet on Sunday again, on the second day, starting at 3:00 pm Chihuahua time.

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For this victory, five Adelitas players scored a double, in addition to the American Kristen Spolyar, who was the top scorer of the match with 20 points.

There was also a duel of Argentine coaches who previously served as coach and assistant, between Pepe Bidal and Sebastian Socarat, who met face to face now in “La Fortaleza” before more than 3,000 fans gathered at the opening ceremony.

Adelitas began to duel with Hazel Ramirez, Veronica Preciado, Side Peraza, Jacqueline Luna Castro and Tosh Sarr.

It was Senegalese Sarr herself who converted the first points for Adelitas, in turn, points guard Hazel Ramirez, who consolidated her shots, put the visit ahead in a series of 10 unanswered units.

In a game of speed embodied in Sucarrat style, the Chihuahua team will apply a 13-point streak in a row, taking off on the board 41-25.

Chihuahua closed the third inning with four points, securing a score of 69-55. , lowering the decibels in the Nuevo Leon Unido gymnasium.

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Adelitas ended up shooting 47% for the opponent’s 43.8%, plus she forced 23 spins from Forza Regia, after 15 heists in her favour, also surpassing the locals in assists by 19 to 11.

With Adelitas’ win (1-0) they settled in the northern region’s top spot, sharing a sector with Forza Regia (0-1), as well as Plateras de Fresnillo and Halcones de Xalapa Feminel.

Episode two of the series will take place between Chihuahua and Monterrey on Sunday at 4:00 PM local time (3:00 PM Chihuahua DST) in La Fortaleza.

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