Adolfo Infante Fights In A Live Streaming With Laura Zapata’s Lawyer | Fatalism

Adolfo Infante Fights In A Live Streaming With Laura Zapata’s Lawyer |  Fatalism

European Union: Gustavo Adolfo Infante is one of the entertainment’s most celebrated journalists, but he’s not saved from controversy because on this occasion, during the De Primera Mano show, he spent a shameful moment, arguing with him, Laura, Zapata’s attorney, Carlos Cuenca, in a live interview.

The journalist’s goal was to reveal more details about the legal position that the actress started with due to the damage inflicted on her grandmother, Donna Eva Mang, who has severe skin lesions, for not being treated in time at Le Gran Senior Living, the asylum where he is still present.

During the interview, the lawyer began to explain the complaint made by the artist, about everything that happened in the past weeks, to all officials, but it is not against the nurse or the nursing home.

Later, the driver also confirmed that the authorities had put suspension seals in place, due to Zapata’s complaint, but after a few days she was removed, so the lawyer questioned that this meant there was no crime.

A little upset, Carlos Cuenca explained that the fact that the restriction was removed had nothing to do with ending the legal process, after hearing the explanation, Gustavo Adolfo Infante interrupted him and asked him another question.

Who pays for the residency of Ms. Eva Mang? Next, her attorneys or Laura Zapata? “The driver said.” Cuenca said, “The lawyers are not obligated to pay.” Infante revealed, “You don’t know if Laura is paying or Thalia will pay?” The lawyer said, “They both pay, I don’t know what the rate is.”

From these comments, the journalist began confronting the lawyer, and he questioned him if he knew or not about the situation, but in a stronger way, and told him that he was aggressive towards him, and the lawyer replied that he did so. You don’t know what percentage the artists deal with in paying the support house.

“You know what? I don’t know if you are talking to people like that, but it seems to me that you are very upset in a situation,” the reporter said. Carlos Cuenca said: “I am very calm (…) I am a litigator, and I am used to filing lawsuits, and in lawsuits they speak this way, I don’t know what percentage they pay.” “What’s next (the trial)?” Said Gustavo Adolfo, without getting angry, because you get angry when they ask you something, I don’t know why you give interviews if you’re going to get angry.

It was then that both of them began to criticize his work, and as if that wasn’t enough, the journalist told the lawyer that he was someone who could barely direct and help Laura Zapata because of his position, while Carlos defended himself and commented that he was someone who was barely telling the truth because he offered so many explanations for things.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante defended himself and told him that it did not seem appropriate to be called a liar, then the lawyer decided to fully address the case of the actress and the situation with her grandmother.

“Are we talking from a legal point of view or what people think? I promised you to legally explain and explain it to you with pleasure and patience. She cannot leave because there is a complaint from the facts and she is interested in complying with her grandmother’s healing protocols; he must take care of his grandmother; if she leaves The grandmother is injured and no one will take care of her or give her the medicine and everything she needs. The family of Thalia and Laura is still paying the nurse. “

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Finally, the journalist commented that he did not understand how he continued to work with Zapata, and that if he had been herself, he would have seen him a long time ago because of his attitude, while the attorney told him rudely and hung up the call, later the driver apologized to the audience
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