Advances in the Omigron variant in the world

Advances in the Omigron variant in the world

The New York mayor says 179,000 residents received a booster shot last week

179,000 New Yorkers have received their Govt-19 booster since Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his vaccine incentive program last week, raising the total number of New Yorkers.

“We started this order when Omigron was approaching, but we did not know it would be very serious,” the mayor said. “With the arrival of Omigran, with the cold weather, we know it’s time to do more, because these orders are absolutely necessary to continue this city, thank God we did this.”

De Blasio said on Monday that 296 hospitals for Covit-19 had been admitted to hospitals across the city and that the number had risen sharply to 7.96% with a confirmed positive level, which the mayor described as false.

However, the city’s hospitals are performing “extraordinarily well. We have real challenges, but notice how different the Omigron experience is compared to last winter. Let’s set aside the spring of 2020.”

With 17,334 positive COVID-19 cases reported on Monday, the mayor said he hopes the number of positive cases will “peak very soon.”

As of this Monday, all private sector employers and about 184,000 companies are required to have a Govt vaccination order in their businesses. When asked if companies are subject to random tests, de Blasio said they have to wait for inspections.

“But again, with the mindset of ‘making sure things work for everyone’s health and safety’. We’re not trying to say ‘I got you’, we’re trying to make sure we’ve moving forward,” he said. ..

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“This is a multi-agency inspection force, which is very similar to the way we do engagement and key enforcement for NYC,” said Dave Chokshi, New York City Health Commissioner.

“We try to work with companies and business owners so everyone can comply with the rules for the simple reason that the vaccine is good for the business – it helps keep our economy open and running, and it helps keep people employees and all New Yorkers healthy. Out of the hospital.”

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