After a huge party with Madonna, Maluma thanked ‘Medallo’

After a huge party with Madonna, Maluma thanked ‘Medallo’

Atanasio Girardotte Stadium in Medellin filled with more than 40,000 spectators during the concert on Saturday, April 30, starring Maluma, the home of that city.

Although there were some setbacks that prevented the event from starting at 8:00 pm, as planned, the Displays It was a huge hit because in addition to three hours of songs sung by the artist, On stage was the Queen of Pop Madonna.

The artist started with the song Hawaii, which allowed the audience to complete while the background track was playing; The music paused for a moment because Pisa couldn’t contain his emotions and cried in front of his fans for a few seconds.

“If they want me in my house,” he said, “the rest doesn’t matter.” cute boy From Medellin during the show that Also enjoyed for free through Twitch from Amazon Music.

After midnight, the stadium shouts increased when Queen of Pop Madonna took to the stage. With seductive dances, he performed with Maluma the song they made together: Medellina composition that has already garnered more than 53 million views on YouTube.

It didn’t end there performance of the American singer as she returned to the microphone to sing one of her songs, a musician.

Likewise, during the concert, Maluma and La House launched the “Una Haus para Medallo City” initiative, through which they will work to build and deliver homes for the homeless. From the capital of Antioquia.

Maluma, current investor in proptechAnd “Today the change begins in my city, the city where we all feel at home, but unfortunately there is no home for everyone,” he said. La Haus and the singer will start the project with a million dollar contribution He will draft the construction plan.

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Finally, to end the party, Maluma sang again HawaiiHowever, on that occasion he was topless and with him Fireworks that lit up the sky of Medellin.

At around 1:00 AM, the singer wrote on his official Twitter account thanking his hometown for the night he had with his house. fans.

“Speak, what a night HP!!! Thanks #medal! They are CHIMBA #Medalloenelmapa #Maluma #Medellín #QueChimbaserPaisa”.

It should be noted that This concert is to be called Medellin on the map He left more than nine million dollars for the city, considering it has a hotel occupancy rate of 95%.. This was confirmed by the mayor of Medellin, Daniel Quintero, on his Twitter account.

During the last week of April, the capital of Antioquia was the scene of the development of important events. Only on Friday, April 29, Ricardo Montaner appeared in the Plaza Mayor, at the same time the Argentine music duo Pimpinella was received by the La Macarena entertainment center.

At the same time , Karol G, who was recently the lead artist for Coachella, shared a free concert on the streets of Provencein a strip of Poblado in Medellin, to promote his latest singles.

As these events develop, Medellin has generated an economic benefit of $15 million and a hotel occupancy of nearly 100%, making way for the city as a platform for national and international events.

“We have to feel happy and proud with all these activities. Medellin on the map of major events and major investors. This is a city of reference for entertainment in Latin America. This is possible thanks to the entrepreneurs, the promoters and the synergies we all do, said the Minister of Economic Development, Alejandro Arias Garcia.

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