After the controversial victory of Lionel Messi, Ballon d’Or is undergoing significant changes

After the controversial victory of Lionel Messi, Ballon d’Or is undergoing significant changes

Messi’s victory in winning the Ballon d’Or created controversy and changed the criteria for selecting the next winner.

Award Ballon d’Or As announced by the committee responsible for the award this Friday, it will go through a series of reforms before the next ceremony.

Striker of Paris Saint-Germain, Lionel MessiReceived the award for the seventh time in November, at the same time Alexia Butellos Barcelona won Golden Ball In the female section.

However, it was a success Messi This created controversy after beating Argentina Robert Lewandowski The Bayern Munich And Mohammed Salah The Liverpool.

Following this, the editor-in-chief French football, Pascal Ferrero confirmed L’Equipe It will change the criteria for selecting the next winner. First, the allotment period will be shifted to the European season instead of the full calendar year. Only the performance of this year’s prize players will be taken into account during the 2021-22 campaign, which ends with the Euro 2022 tournament in the summer.

As a result, actions World Cup Masculine 2022 On Taste The 2023 festival, which takes place in November and December, will be taken into account.

Second, in addition to the journalists involved in the voting, the former star The Chelsea And Ivory Coast Didier Trocca. Thropa Will be with Truong Anh Ngoc And Czech Carolina Hlavakova Create a highly structured list of nominees.

Third, only representatives of the top 100 countries in the FIFA rankings for men and representatives of the top 50 countries for women can vote.

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Finally, the criteria for determining a winner have changed because the award takes into account not only a player’s personal performance, but also collective performance, taking into account a player’s “class” and their fair play history.

Most importantly, a player’s achievements and performance in previous years are not taken into account when voting for the winner.

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