Against Barcelona. Zelda Vigo – Competition Report – May 16, 2021

Against Barcelona.  Zelda Vigo – Competition Report – May 16, 2021

Barcelona (Jordi Blanco, Reporter) – Barcia does not understand miracles, but is depressed. Since the day he got the chance to take the lead, he has been adding disappointments, saying goodbye to Camp Nou with a new defeat (1-2) against Zelda this Sunday, which found Messi’s opening goal with two Shanti Mina. Naked and without arguments. Not anymore.

It gave Persia a sense of lack of courage, hope and desire again. Need to eat the game, burn the opponent, submit him to football, pressure and intensity. Verticality, speed of mixing. In many respects …

At one point the light went out, which was very inappropriate and very damaging to a coach Ronald Comen, who seemed to have no idea what was going on on the field on the team again. The Dutchman proposes and removes, but the footballers are not just a few times, but several times in the last three weeks, they walk the field without order or concert.

Barcia maintains a simple football recession in its game, not giving it what it should be, what its coach, its leader or its fans want. Bound by DNA magic, he stopped playing and running, and when he scored a goal in a particular play, he could not catch the catapult. Even worse, he could not support himself.

New to remember, the crashes against Granada or Levante, the afternoon of farewell against Zelda, the afternoon of having to retain it by math, waiting for one and two caroms to maintain a simple blade of league hope. Porcia came out firmly on the field, dominated and came on and saved Ivan Villar three times, until, as usual, Messi finished with a perfect cross from the bussets with his head.

It took almost half an hour, Parsia sighed, not Common in the group, contemplating how Temple’s verticality and Griezmann’s movement came with him in the game. The dominance of Persia, it is true, was less and less, and more often than not, one visit was enough to score a goal for a rival.

A shot without Shanti Mina’s Fu or FA ended up in the net indescribably, never saw the auction or had time to react due to Bikku’s turn, never threatening to go for the ball, and the statue of the confused Der Stegen. In your spare time, thank you for drawing.

Desiring is not power
Suddenly Koman remembered Ricky Puig, who had given a new impetus to Parsia to replace the exhausted Petri. After adding 22 minutes in five games, the youth team had 45 to show itself … but his pace was also with M.N. A little more.
Parsia, overall, wanted, but could be less and less. Concentrated, organized and solvent, Zelda had no trouble maintaining the dive and gave the impression that they had nothing to finish a parsnip on their hands.

Madrid scored in San Mamas and Osasuna did so in the metropolitan area, with Bar பார்a already returning to the league without taking over. Not even entering the Pride and Trivandrum, the Commonwealth team looking for Messi during the Alban accelerated, as they were the only ones capable of breaking that image that had reached ecstasy in three minutes from the 90s, and Pride, with all his aim, was too far out to get it out when the ball crossed.

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Until everything explodes at once, at the same time, with Luis Suarez’s goal in the metropolitano, Atletico and Santi Mina to certify Zelda’s return to Camp Nou and make sure there is no end to this Parsia’s final depression.

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