Against Portugal. Germany – Party Report – June 19, 2021

Against Portugal.  Germany – Party Report – June 19, 2021

Germany overcame adversity and beat Portugal 2-4 with Robin Kozensen’s brilliant performance. The Deatons appealed to their DNA to push the Portuguese to the ground to force them to risk everything in the final game of the team stage.

Although the Germans came out with a lot of pressure ahead and even advanced on the scoreboard with a goal from the canceled Cosans, it was Portugal who scored the first goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo added his legend and scored his 107th goal with the national team after a master class in counter-attacks. The same ‘commander’ destroyed the ball in his area and 15 seconds later put the goal in favor of his team.

However, he urged Germany to do its best not to give up suffering or die. Cosens was the architect for the return, and his centers and stand against Nelson Semoto’s weak identity were crucial to winning the game.

Dutton’s first goal was Howard, however Ruben Diaz scored his own goal. But it all came through Cosenson’s pass. With the draw, Germany wanted more of the win, just before half-time they advanced with another own goal from Rafael Guerrero, who hit the ball badly in the small area and the ball reached his goal.

To complete, Kay Howard scored the third goal in favor of Germany after Cosen’s pass. The Chelsea striker gave peace of mind by pushing a ball into the area where it was carried on the scoreboard.

As if that wasn’t enough, Goshen received his prize for a good game. A Joshua Kimmich cross left Portugal 1-4.

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As a consolation prize, Diego Jotta’s goal came close to 2-4 on the Portuguese scoreboard, but the Portuguese did not have enough time to match the Germans.

With the last one match to be played in Group F, nothing is limited, France, Germany, Portugal and Hungary will all play each other in the last round of the group stage.

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