Airlines begin relocation in Palmerola

Airlines begin relocation in Palmerola

Comayagua. from today Palmerola International Airport You are operationally ready to begin your certification process with Honduran Civil Aviation Agency (Ahac) and with the airlines.

This process, as explained by the executives at terminalIt will consist of airlines performing an operational check so that they can verify that the check-in systems, x-rays, baggage handling, boarding gates and all airport operating facilities are working.

With the concert scheduled for tonight, Palmerola The countdown begins to November 15th when it is already at 100%.

From tomorrow, airlines will be able to send their senior pilots to review all procedures i.e. runway, lighting, approach etc to meet international requirements.

In Central America, it was the last international airport to open from scratch, until now, at that time comalapa At the beginning of 1980. Currently San Oscar is called Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez.

“The rest (works) were an extension of the stations. The process is already there. That is the difference that makes this whole process have 30 days to be able to check and verify,” he explained. Peter Fleming, General President of Airport division of Grupo Emco, in an interview with the capital’s media.

The executives received visits from technicians from Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and International Air Transport Organization (IATA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (International Civil Aviation Organization) to indicate the recommendations to be corrected in which they work.

“The most important thing is to ensure two things: first, the operational safety of the passenger, and we guarantee this. How the plane lands Palmerolait is clear that? Completely different from what it means to go down TonContin (…) The second element is that we had to provide the country with an international infrastructure with which we can compete.”

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The project’s investments amount to more than 200 million dollars (4900 million liras) and during its implementation more than 2,000 direct jobs and 8000 indirect jobs were created. The business was built by the Honduran company Emco, and its partner is Munich International Airport (Germany).

“The technology we brought in doesn’t exist in any of the airports in northern Central America,” Fleming said.

Among the novelties of the new terminal building, the biometric facial recognition feature, which will provide passengers with a more flexible and secure experience at the airport, stands out.

Palmerola It will use 22 cameras with the new version of the SmartFace facial recognition platform operated by Innovatrics. The platform is able to detect and track faces in parallel video sequences from different cameras.

Meanwhile, Jorge Diaz, Director PIA . operationsHe explained that the day begins with the migration of airline operations TonContin a Palmerola. “There will be a period in which all international lines will start operating at the new airport at the end of this period,” the executive added.

This includes entities and companies that provide services to both the airport and airlines as well as operational actors that provide services on international flights.

“We anticipate that in about 30 days we will start the international process in PalmerolaDiaz added.

decree. On the 1st of last October, it was published in Newspaper Executive Decree PCM-099-2021 directing Public Services Infrastructure Secretariat (Insep) to redirect its budget, estimated at $2.1 million, i.e. 52.9 million lempira, towards financing equipment or building, supervising, installing and operating equipment and business needed to start operations in Palmerola.

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The first article of the decree informs fit Adhere to the recommendations of the technical report issued by Ahack.

This consists of the action plan to start the transfer of operations of national and international flights in Palmerola.

The same decree states that the actual start of operations will be within 30 to 45 days after October 15.

Over the next month and a half, once the airport is launched, assessments and verifications will begin Aeronautics To verify compliance and security conditions to allow air operations.

Within the business to start a new terminal Overhead, includes sticker, wires, transformers, regulators and other accessories for conveying electrical fluids to the property.

It is also planned to invest in the new plant’s temporary mobile sewage treatment plant LUT.

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