Airlines: Three Mexicans appear among the 10 worst Mexicans in the world

Airlines: Three Mexicans appear among the 10 worst Mexicans in the world

Bounce service conducted a study analyzing the complaints of customers of different airlines in areas such as Convenience of sitting, entertainment on board, food and baggage rules, Which in the end determined which is the 10 worst in the world. On the list published by the British newspaper on Monday the sun Three Mexican women appear.

The worst airline in the world, in the opinion of users, is Viva Air Columbia, which ranked 1 out of 5 for all evaluated criteria, while the Portuguese company TAP received the largest number of complaints over a six-month period, with 430 thousand. .

“We’ve solved passenger experiences, In addition to punctuality and maximum baggage capacity for national and international airlines to know which airline leaves customers smiling.”

List of the 10 worst airlines in the world according to travelers

Airline (customer rating out of 10)

  1. Viva Air Colombia (3.4)
  2. Viva Aerobus (3.6)
  3. Volaris Airlineas (4.0)
  4. Ryanair (4.2)
  5. Intergate (4.6)
  6. Vueling Airlines (5.0)
  7. easyJet (5.3)
  8. Tab (5.3)
  9. Ukraine International Airlines (5.3)
  10. swoop (5.8)

Among the most common complaints from airline users are those related to Low internet connection, poor quality, planes congestion, or long waiting times.



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