Alejandra Guzmán’s doctor gives details of her health condition after a lobotomy

Alejandra Guzmán’s doctor gives details of her health condition after a lobotomy

the doctor Maria Elena Sandoval Talk about his recent surgery Alejandra Guzman Amid a family controversy between his daughter Frida Sophia and Enrique Guzman.

The Surgery number 32 To remove a polymer piece that was on his left hip, this was done in early April and he’s still recovering, “I was Hard tissue lumpiness They were placed above the hip where this area of ​​the head of the thigh bone is located. Where is the titanium prosthesis, Detail the doctor.

In an interview for ‘Ventaneando,’ the doctor commented more on the material that was in the singer’s body, “It was a bit like 7-8 centimeters by 6 And all of that was a polymer agglomerate build-up, but when it was one Manipulate And removing that, simply by manipulating the tissue because there is a certain aggression, (then) there is a certain thing interaction“.

The doctor referred to details about the recovery of “La Guzmán”, Post Evolution Surgical interventionIt was because of the separation of small polymers (which) send out small particles like bubbles or droplets, let’s call it, from an oily substance, that is, oil. “Commented.

This is how Alejandra Guzmán’s doctor explained:

Several days after the operation, Sandoval had to visit Alejandra for the sake of A. Post-operative review in that I changed the exchange So you can recover in the best way, “Although a drain was inserted, that is, a small tube connected to a passive suction to drain the serous swelling (fluid accumulation) after surgery, as this drainage was used for a while and had to be removed, so when this drainage is removed, there is no longer a way for the fluid to come out if it forms , So Was piling up Gradually that’s what I am Periodically, I drain youThis is yesAspirate and remove this serum. 35 mL were dried, then 24 mL were withdrawn, then 20 mL, then 16 mL gradually increased and just two days ago I removed approximately 6 mL.It is to explain.

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Surgery by Alejandra Guzman Polymers Frida Sophia Polymers

However, despite these multiple surgeries, Alejandra remains at risk due to … They contain polymers in many areas of the body, So this can be reactivated and worsen your health at any time. Polymers are found in many parts of your body back, On the CenterAnd the ThighsAnd the Thighs and buttocksThen, unfortunately, it could be anywhere inside them (to be reactivated). Much tissue has been removed, which is about a The situation is very delicate, very difficult“He completed.

It must be remembered that Alejandra announced her Online concert For next May 15th, arguing that he was there New dance designs And a lot of work for you to do, but the truth is, you should Recover from this surgery To return to the stage.

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