Alejandro Gil will do his PhD with Díaz-Canel as a teacher… We already know how the Cuban economy will perform

Alejandro Gil will do his PhD with Díaz-Canel as a teacher… We already know how the Cuban economy will perform

the Cuban Minister of Economy and Planning, Alejandro GilAnd He presented his PhD research topic this weekend during a workshop at Pinar del Rio University, reported in his account by Deputy Minister of Economy and Planning Mildre Granadillo. on your Twitter account And shared photos for a moment.

But the main surprise was in the photos that Granadillo shared, in which this can be seen Will be the main teacher of the thesis generation Miguel Diaz-Canel, sI recently became a doctor. The assistant teacher will be Carlos Cesar Torres Paez, Director of the Center for Studies on Management, Local Development, Tourism and Cooperative Tourism in Pinar del Rio.

“Methodology of the management of the plan for the economic and social development of Cuba” It is the title of the thesis that Jill plans to become a doctor of economics. It can be deduced from this address The official does not intend to study possible changes in favor of Cuba’s economic development, but it will deal only with how to manage the set plan.

The University of Pinar del Rio will make a doctor Cuban economy generation And do not look at anything more or less with the teacher. So we go…”, he wrote on his Facebook account Journalist Jose Raul Gallego.

“My boss has time Prepare lemonade, rearrange order, issue combat orders, and above all, direct doctoral theses… someday I want to be like him,” Joel Alejandro Cala Perez quipped in the comments.

“It’s a circus, or a konato, or some cultivator, or some deceitful thief, orn an unnatural street bar, but of global proportions and consequencesHe wrote on his part Psychiatrist Emilio Artega Perez.

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Alejandro Gil is one of the main officials responsible for the economic disaster in Cuba in recent yearsAnd Executing the so-called ranking task, which – which It caused inflation, greatly reduced the purchasing power of wages and pushed many Cubans to the brink of starvation.

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