Alessandra Rosaldo confronts Eugenio Derbez haters ‘You can’t say anything anymore’ | Video

Alessandra Rosaldo confronts Eugenio Derbez haters ‘You can’t say anything anymore’ |  Video

Eugenio Derbez It became a trend again due to a comment he made on Ventaneando about Matamorosthe city that the representative referred to, according to users, as a city.

“It’s the story of a girl who grew up in a small town in Matamoros And that she became the first in the country (…) It’s a very interesting story about how this girl managed to move forward in village Where they didn’t have any resources, where the streets are unpaved, where there is not even electricity in the school,” said Derbez, words that were worth a lot. critics.

According to Alessandra, the actor’s words were misunderstood. | Photo: Instagram @ederbez

Given this, his wife Alessandra Rosaldo He came out in his defense and confirmed that his words were misunderstood: “It’s so tiring to always have to explain every word you say because you can’t say anything anymore, they take everything wrong, misunderstand everything, and take everything out of context.”

Likewise, the people who make the word “people” asked something contempt They consider it an insult. “Where is the offense in people’s word?” She explained what her husband had said, as he was referring to “an area within or next to Matamoros”.

Eugenio Derbez explained what he had to say about Matamoros. | Photo: Instagram @ederbez

In this context, he stressed that he is now happy when he does attackssince every time someone wants to censor or cancel it, it’s because he’s doing things right: “That means his voice dutyThis means that you are giving a voice to someone else or something that needs attention,” the singer added.

Aitana’s mother said she did not hesitate to Defense Her husband whenever he entered into a dispute.

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On the other hand, Derbez Survey His words in an interview with the media: “They misunderstood me, I didn’t say that Matamoros was a town, no, no, no, I said it was a story that happened in a small town in Matamoros.”

It is more like a small town, as there are many of them, and that is what I meant when I said that ‘in a small town in Matamoros, Matamoros is not a small town, I am not ignorant’

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