Alexis Ayala confirms that her ex-husband is the best drunken partner

Alexis Ayala confirms that her ex-husband is the best drunken partner

Although they separated a few months ago from the actor Alexis Ayala her relationship with him It Ex-Partner Fernanda Lopez It is better than ever, Because they maintain excellent contact, for their daughter but also, She considers it the best sugar partner.

During the celebration of the anniversary of his Sinaloa-style seafood restaurant, Ayala He made it clear that he was not far from his daughter’s mother But not only that, but also despite the physical distancing, They still love each other.

“Until today we are fine, To this day, we love each other and we are a couple, but we are also a modern family. Everyone lives at home, we have something very important and it is our daughter, and suddenly we eat once a week or eat dinner according to our times. ”, Hinge Alexis Ayala.

He even considered Fernanda M.More than just a partner, more than a friend, Compared to his sugar-intolerant friends.

“We have very good communication, me I will love it all my lifeShe is the best companion, the best travel companion, she is my partner, mate, sorry; But Sugar has the best partner this is. Carry me more ”, According Alexis.

So far, The actor enjoys his lonelinessWhere he loves himself, spoils himself and takes some of the things that he left because of life’s situations; Like reading, going back to your treatments, and seeing it for yourself.

Alexis Ayala and Fernanda Lopez share something very important: their daughter

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