Alexis Vega reveals why he refuses to play in Europe half the time

Alexis Vega reveals why he refuses to play in Europe half the time

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After doing a good job with Mexico in it Qatar World Cup 2022it was expected Alexis Vega can migrate to Europe And although he had the opportunity to do this, the player preferred to stay Chivas.

Given this, Vega revealed the reason for making this decision not to go to Old Continentsomething that no other player would have even thought of.

“There are cases where we sometimes rush to fulfill the dream of playing in Europe and within six months or a year after returning; with a team we were in talks with in Europe, he wanted me to take him, he wanted me to play six months and if I didn’t do well, I would come back with a team.” Another Mexican football.

“I don’t see any joke in going to play for six months, with pressure because they want you to adapt in the best way; because of situations like this you make the decision not to go, not to rush into it,” Vega said in an interview with TUDN.

Alexis confirms that he always wanted to perform well in every duel in the game Mexican national teamjust thinking of helping three And not in it, despite the fact that the World Cup is Presentation of football players who want to come to Europe.

“At the World Cup there were spectators from all the teams, but I went to do my job, to give everything for my team, not so that eyes would be on me… To be in Europe, it turns out that many teams wanted me, but the truth is that no, You only talk to a couple of teams who ask me, but nothing concrete,” he commented.

We will patiently wait for the offer

Alexis Vega has it Contract with Chivas until June 2024so he says he will wait for a good offer for his services to arrive.

“I am very calm because if the team wants me, they will come and put money so that I can emigrate to Europe, and if not, as I said when I renewed, I am happy here, people love me a lot, I am here in Chivas”.

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