Alfonso Zarate in With the House

Alfonso Zarate in With the House

After I carried out election trip To elect a governor in six states of the country, where Brown woman He conquered four states, while the “Va por México” alliance was formed by both parties PAN-PRI-PRD They only got two; This is Wednesday in “with the house”analysts Alberto Aziz Nassif s Alfonso Zarate They gave their opinion on the future of the upcoming presidential elections in 2024.

In a new broadcast, this publishing house’s collaborators, Maite Azuela and Juan Pablo Becerra Acosta, manage the Managing Editor of GlobalismAnd the David Apontethey spoke with Morales on the topic: Is there a “shot” for 2024?

Zarat said: “The president is on the ballot paper. I think he will play in 2024, as he did in this and previous elections,” as he said, “No opposition party, if it participates alone, has what is serious. to dispute the presidency.”

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While Aziz Nassif pointed out that in the last elections that took place on Sunday, “it gives us a new hegemonic party. The question of hegemony is still in question.”

“There is a general crisis in the party systems that affects the old parties more than Morena,” he added.

On the other hand, the political expert Mighty azuela He commented, “I think keeping it is a way to celebrate, though it seems insufficient. I think it will be difficult for Morena later to retain power in the states.”

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“It is not maintained with a company, but with the government,” he added. For me, if there is one person who will move the scales, it is Marcelo Ebrard, “Mexico’s Foreign Minister has made clear about the Mexican foreign minister staying in the alliance together we will make history.”

Along the same lines, Juan Pablo Becerra Acosta He gave his diagnosis to election day. “Morena has already become the Constitutional Revolutionary Party, because it is the dominant party […] On this occasion I feel there is a lot of abstention. Why didn’t people participate? “

“What we have today is a picture of 15 million (votes), later Morena’s power will be expanded, and she will undoubtedly win the state of Mexico,” emphasized the columnist, who said “no shot at all” for the upcoming elections.

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Finally, both Zarat and Aziz agreed that the key was Elections in the state of Mexico Because it’s “a lot of room to practice if the opponent has a chance later.”

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