Alicia Machado looks attractive on the inside and without any top

Alicia Machado looks attractive on the inside and without any top

I go through his official Instagram as a Miss UniverseAnd Alicia MachadoHe was liked by over 6 million followers on Instagram by appearing in a super cute studio photo in which he was just dressed hat And the bottom of the interior, that’s right, without any higher Which.

In this way he was responsible for wishing his followers a happy Friday and declaring that the good things were coming, although this week he would not be able to save any of his comrades inside the house “La Casa de los Famosos”, Famuso reality show from Telemundo which was a huge success.

She has so far achieved over 58,000 likes, and of course thousands of comments that fans are praising or praising her in an effort to congratulate her on it. Incredible beauty, but also of course declaring his great love and admiration for her.

In the glimpse We can see how he carries Sé with a Broadway-style cane on a white background and of course that impressive number he has, which manages to pamper his audience and attract more and more users to his profile.

The celebrity may be about to win the Reality A show aforementioned and filled with emotion, we recently watched a video of him being positioned as one of the finalists beating another classmate in a contest in which they had to guess which of the two surfaces had more images.

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Alicia Machado / Instagram

Alicia Machado is always ready to model fashion for her fans on Instagram.

So far we have a verdict on Gisela Abumorad, Manelik Gonzalez and Cristina Eustace, whom he cannot save because, as mentioned earlier, he is not in a position in Cali, and something can be done for them.

This photo was produced weeks before Alicia entered the said house, and she was preparing to continue uploading content to her official Instagram despite being very busy within said program.

This same strategy was used by Celia Laura, a famous Mexican who was also inside this famous house, as she had the opportunity to make new friends and enmities, something the two faced and were already prepared for before entering his scenes.

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